Saturday, January 8, 2011

EBT acceptance

Welcome to the blog of Jay & Dee. We are in our 30's, living the American Dream. Actually, we are still trying to figure our what the American Dream is... Happy Reading!

EBT acceptance. Recently, Jay and I started receiving food stamps from the good 'ol State of California. With this economy, we had to do something to stay afloat. When we received the EBT card we were given a list of the fast food restaurants that accepted EBT as payment. One of the first stops that we made was to Delphin Restaurant in Pomona located at:,+Pomona,+Ca&fb=1&gl=us&hq=Delphin,&hnear=Pomona,+CA&cid=5792620176814327222 

Let me tell you...the State of California should be ashamed of themselves for putting this place on the EBT approval list, the food was re-heated from days before. The meat was semi-edible. We barely left when Jay's stomach went ape-shit, literally. We drove to our next destination and were delayed because Jay crapped his pants. The stomach bug that he got from the Delphin Restaurant traveled at mach-speed.

Anyhow, after that experience, we have been on the look out for other restaurants that accept EBT. Of course we have the ability to go get our food (cold food) from the local grocery stores. Our favorite grocery store is Von's. They have the best deli sandwiches (California Dreamin' is our favorite) if you are looking for a quick fix of someone preparing food for you. But your food  palette deserves more.

Today, we hit a goldmine. El Pollo Loco accepts EBT. We had no clue. Not all of them accept EBT, but the one in the City of Industry, CA does. Their info is: El Pollo Loco. 21610 VALLEY BLVD CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA 91789, EBT Accepted. Phone : (909) 594-8656

We will be adding more sites and info as we find them. Hopefully we can establish a collarborative of places that we can all patronage and enjoy.

Until next time - Happy Eating!